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point of 54. this is what we are looking at to maryland's most powerful radar. we have dry times here and this will continue as we go through today and the remainder of the week. if you have plans to get out to the yard, you want to be lazy, you can do that. you can get out there tomorrow and we will see more of the same this terms of sunshine. your hour by hour will give you that as we go through lunchtime, the temperature at 74 degrees. by this afternoon, we will be at 77, that's the high, we once again want to urge you to enjoy this beautiful weather. later today, things are going to get worse. michael phelps will be honored. if you don't have anything planned, stop by. a lot of fun. of course we have the ravens game at 7:00. do expect congestion,
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surrounding mt bank stadium, kick off at 7:00. pretty packed i'm sure with tailgaters soon. if you are using 95, a live look at 395, no significant delays here, fort mc henry starting to slow down and the congestion will continue on 695, inner loop slow, as you travel from the highway to the key bridge toll plaza. a look at wilkins a, it's going to take you 13 minutes from 795, towards 95. no delays now on the beltway from parkville, up to towson, if you are using the jfx to get downtown, a 12 minute ride from 695, to fayette street. love a good bargain? before you head out and go shopping, abc 2 news is working for you to help you tak advantage of sales in september. this is the time to do it. renae marsh is live with a list of things you might be able to
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save on. >> reporter: this list is coming from, we have about 3 weeks to seek out these bargains we will tell you about. on the top of the list, car, did you know, that september is when most dealerships get the new stock of car for the following year. now, dealerships are beginning to get the 2013 cars, that means the sticker price on the 2012 cars will likely be lower. it's also a good time to get that lower lease rate. jewelry is a bargain during september as well. with no holidays like mothers day and valentines, jewelers are hungry for a sale and willing to negotiate. summer items go on sale, sunscreen and beach towels for next year and if you are in the market for new stove, retailers get new models this month, so the older models are discounted and lastly, if you have a green
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thumb, retailers slash !> is there anything that we should not be buying right now? >> reporter: when it is not the best time to go ahead and look for deals. lucky for us, lucky for the consumer, we have passed through the time frame. june, july and august, actually among the worst times to look for good prices. that 1 usually when the prices are high. september, not a lot of holidays around september. we tend to see the lower prices retailer, more willing to negotiate on the price. thank you so much.
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you got that charlie? >> parents, listen to. this beginning november 4th, jc penney will offer free hair cuts to kids every sunday. they tried the promotion last month and it was so successful, they are continuing it. more than 1 million a half children got the free hair cuts. school bells maybe ringing but it remains to be seen how many are going to show up. tens of thousands of teachers and support staff in chicago plan to walk out this morning at 7:30. it would mac the first time they have gone on strike in 25 years. the union says it was not able to agree on a contract with school officials over pay and other matters. >> i'm disappointed that we have come to this point given that the other partys ak knowledge how close we are. this is a strike of choice. because of how close we are, it
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is a vic that is unnecessary. >> your union put together a researched based solution to softing some of the problems -- solving some of the problems in chicago. >> chicago is the nation's third largest school system in the country. an officer the president's motorcade is killed in a traffic accident. andrew spencer has more on what happened and who the officer was. >> reporter: bruce st. lore larns was hiding ahead of the motorcade on 95, in west palm beach florida sundays when a pick up hit him. he was getting ready to close an access rach ramp to the highway. he was a 20 year veteran of the police department. >> reporter: rushed to st. mary's trauma center where family, friends and colleagues comforted each other. the accident is being
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investigated. the investigation is being conducted by the palm beach county sheriff's department with the highway patrol. >> reporter: the president was in west palm beach for a rally with supporters. a spokesman says mr. obama didn't e the crash but was notified of the death. his thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family. it's unclear if there will be charges against the pick up driver. he was a former officer of the year and survived by his wife and four children. stay with us this morning, coming up, you may have seen them do it, chris brown, may have finally made piece with rihanna. sweetie, you have to scrub it first.
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a new exhibit you may want to check out. >> rock and roll hall of fame is opening a national tour, pioneering women in rock and roll. it should be interesting. one of the items it will be on display, the dress made of pure meat. lady gaga wore in 2010. at the mtv video ea wards. the dress is around -- awards, the dress is still around. the exhibit opens friday at the national museum of women in the arts. if you want to check it out, you can. >> why? >> member might want to. 6:40, president barack obama got a lift during a campaign stop in florida.
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the president had been telling scott he was the biggest pizza shop owner he had ever seen. the 63 height, 6260-pound owner gave him a bear hug lifting him off of his feet. this guy, bench presses 350. i think the president comes in a little bit under that. some days of work can be unforgettable. >> one newsroom on the news thanks to an un welcomed guest. when you see this, it is best to go inside. one man couldn't help himself and grabbed a camera. we will tell you what happened as a water spout came inland. we'll be right back. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland.
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two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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this is your news to go. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. a check of the forecast, a great weekend,. a great week as well. mown airy, the sky, this could be a postcard. enjoy it this morning. don't let this fool you. we are dealing with temperatures a little bit on the cooler side. see mount airy's temperature 53. the winds are calm. picking up more from the north and west throughout the day at 5-10 miles per hour. the light winds coming down in aberdeen. the temperature at 57 degrees, glenn bernie chose to 60. north, northwest wind at 5 miles an hour. the humidity levels are so low with the dew points coming in, in the 50s this morning. nice and dries no umbrella,
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what you need today and beyond. need the shades through the afternoon. here is you hour by hour folk. by 8:00, temperature coming in around 61 degrees, cool ib outside. lunchtime, sunny 7 4-bgs high temperature for today, coming in around 77 degrees, nice and pleasant. we are going to have stellar days ahead. let's get a check of the traffic now with loren cook. if you are using the jfx, there is nothing to get in you way, towson to east fayette street. traffic is picking up through fort mc henry. harbor nice and clear, if you are heading to the west side, here is a live look at liberty. stand still on the outer loop. 17 minute ride from 795, all the way to 95. inneloop nice and clear. packville, harford, traffic picking up here. the outer loop will be steady up to providence road.
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this afternoon, you will want to expect delays in downtown baltimore. michael phelps, an event at the inner harbor, free. if you don't have plans, check it out. we have the ravens game tonight. expect a lot of congestion, near mt. ready for monday night football, the ravens play host to the cincinnati bangles at mt bank stadium. kickoff set for 7:00. sherrie johnson has been out talking to fans about their thoughts on the coming game and what are they saying? they are very excited, they are hopeful, excited about the ravens. we are here at dunkin donuts. we have been talking with fans and tonight the ravens host the bangles at 7:00 at mt bank stadium. the ravens are dedicating this season to art model. a former ravens owner and brought football back to baltimore. he will be honored in a pregame
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ceremony. this year the ravens could face the biggest challenge yet. the ravens will play 8 of 16 games against teams that made the playoffs last year. here is what some of the fans have to say. >> i'm taking my wife to her first ravens game. it's the opening game. she will enjoy all the moments of tonight's game. >> it's going to be explosive this year. i see joe and torey smith, antoine huge more than last year. i think we will are going to pass for 4000 yards this year. this is the year for us. i'm very excited. >> reporter: as you can see, people are looking forward to tonight's game. that's 7:00 p.m. at mt bank stadium. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the o. s are off before opening a three game home series with tampa bay tomorrow.
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the weekend series at camden yards maybe didn't end as well as plans and players would have hoped. the yankees exploded with 8 runs in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings. baltimore remains one game back of new york in the al east. first pitch tomorrow, 7:05. a brand new field has been dedicated to yeardly love, the uva lacrosse player who grew up in this area, went to school here before killed by her ex- boyfriend. linda so is live this morning. this field really means something to the school. >> reporter: it sure does. not only is it a high quality topnotch turf field but leave as lasting legacy of yeardly's love passion of dedication and
6:50 am
sports. love's mother and her sister were here yesterday to dedicate the new field. this project took 18 month of planning and $1.2 million in donation pass the 1 love foundation, mvp and bower foundation. love played lacrosse and field hockey before going on to uva, where she was killed by an ex boyfriend days before she was to graduate. for her mother and sister, working on this field helped them get through darkest days. >> i think the field is a great tribute to yard's -- burden bringing out her memorable characteristics. >> reporter: her mother and sister say they will attend the games that are played on this new field. they plan to take their message and story to a national audience, they are set to appear in an interview on the
6:51 am
show katie, which airs here on abc 2 at 4:00 in the afternoon. linda so, abc2 news. ten minutes until 7:00. tomorrow friends and family will say good-byes to art model. his funeral will be at 11:00 tuesday at the hebrew congregation in pikesville. more than 3000 people came to mt bank stadium sat paying respects to the man credited with bringing football to baltimore. he died on thursday, he was 87 years old. today some vacant homes, east 31st, street, they will be torn down to make room for new housing in the area. it's a vacant to value program. the demolition, this is pat of the mayor's plan to curve blight in the city. the event is set to kick off at 10:00 this morning. clean green vehicles are coming to baltimore, the 5th
6:52 am
international environmentally vehicle conference, is going to be held today through wednesday, at the convention center. organizers say this year marks the first time the conference is held in the u.s. it marks the first time heavy duty trucks will be discussed at the conference along with passenger cars, those you and i drive on the roadways. leonpy net tawill panetta is scored to fly the memorial. funeral held for the late actor, michael clark duncan, who passed away september 3rd from a heart attack he suffered in july. funerally invitation only. members of congress are returning to work this week. republicans and democrats currently disagree on the bush tax cuts.
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katie couric shows up in your living room, for a sneak preview, find it on we will give you an inside look on what to expect. this morning, people are still cleaning up from a tornado that touched down in new york. take a look at the video from a cnn i reporter. it hit on a beach front area in queens and started as a water spout sp churned on shore in to a full fledged tornado. it cause mid nor damage to build -- caused minor damage to nearby buildings. this is what they become when they hit lands. >> a full fledged tornado once they hit lands. we had tornado warnings for us around arundel on saturday. that was in the upper levels of the atmosphere, mid levels, nothing touching the ground.
6:54 am
plenty of sunshine and feeling the sunshine, but we have to wait a bit. we could see the temperatures on the cool side. below average. look at the 50s, bel air, reisterstown, catonsville 57. chester town 56. we have 59 now in chesapeake beach. let's take you outside, kent island, beautiful this morning. make sure you take advantage of the beautiful boats out there. it's going be great day to be on the water. manchester, more of the same, sunrise, the blue skies, wall to wall sunshine will be in place as we head throughout the day. the reason why, high pressure will be building in here from now until friday. with that, we will be feeling pleasant and a fall feel as well. as we look what the is happening through today. the temperature will be at 77 degrees, sun tastic is what i'm calling it. this is your football forecast for this evening. bangles at ravens kickoff
6:55 am
tonight at 7:00. 69, comfortable, winds 5-10 miles per hour. rich wanted to get the forecast. i got it in for you. rich, hope you were watching. tomorrow, the temperature at 77 degrees, some kind of wonderful. as we look at what is happening for the seven-day forecast, it looks like this as we go with the o's playing on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, once again, it looks beautiful. now a check of the traffic with loren. good morning. good morning, perfect forecast for the game tonight. best of luck to the ravens, hopefully they can beat the bangles. traffic is picking up on the main lines, 95, in white marsh, starting to jam up. all toot, 16 minutes from the beltway, in to the city, if you are using the jfx, no problems foreport from the beltway, downtown to east fayette street. that stretch will take you 12 minutes, and here is the worst part of it all. checking in and taking a look at the west side, inner loop slow, outer loop jam packed to route 40.
6:56 am
overly, bel air, stop and go on the outer loop, providence road. a crash in harford, 136. we are all up here on the desk. this story, something we can relate to. this is omaha, nebraska. the newsroom there, they had unexpected visitor. see people in here, the bat, that's a bat. a rat with wings. that's not good stuff. he has one -- trying to get it out of the way. they are clearly panicked by this. animal control brought in because the news crew panicked. >> yeah. i would panic. >> roll the sound. >> what are you doing? >> hiding like a little girl. >> little bit ridiculous. >> i would probably have a helmet or hat on. >> i would be under the desk.
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>> it's becoming a full contact sport.
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